Family management since 1950

For over sixty years with a smile

Your holiday will become even more exciting when you meet people who are dedicated to welcoming you with affection and passion for their work. It was the year 1950 when the Berardi family began to take care of this hotel in Bellaria Igea Marina. At the time the summer photos were in black and white, and on the beach full bathing suites were the fashion. The Riviera was just beginning to welcome the first tourists, and the Pineta was a small pretty hotel on the seafront.

Today Stefano and Dianella will make you holidays truly special. The Hotel has chosen a refined liberty style and has evolved to ensure that your holiday keeps up with the times. Now we have air conditioning and wi-fi throughout the hotel, a lift to help you with your luggage, and the car park is definitely fuller than before. Of course a lot has changed, but the friendliness and politeness are exactly the same as they were nearly seventy years ago.

At Hotel Pineta each one of your requests will be met with a polite answer, and from your arrival to your departure each moment will be a special occasion to feel good in peaceful and delightful surroundings.